!! Please watch with headphones or good audio on a big screen!!


LEVITATE is entirely shot on the Freefly Ember (in standard OLPF mode, as well as Full Spectrum Aerochrome IR. To read more about this project and see BTS photos, check out our blog write-up: http://brooklynaerials.com/blog/levitate

Director of Photography | Tim Sessler
Co-Director | Ben Franke
Music | KAMAUU & Michael Marantz

Edit | J.P Damboragian | jpdamboragian.com
Color by RCO | rco.tv
Supervising Colorist | Seth Ricart
Colorist | Derrick Yuen
Color Assist | Rachel Dwornick
Color Producer | Kay Carpenter

Movi Operator | Ryan Hamelin
1st AC | Adam Roberts
Special Effects | Forrest S. Brookmire

Special thanks to Autumn K Brookmire, Michael Marantz, Brandon Bray, Brandon Bloch, Jake Cohan, RCO, Tabb Firchau, Ansel Luchau, Freefly Systems and all the pigeons of NYC.